How a Vishal Rana, a software developer from India scammed me in Fiverr

Michelangelo Matteoda
3 min readNov 27, 2022


Vishal Rana from Chandigarh got paid 2500€ to deliver a project; this was a sum I manage to put together with a partner of mine. In details, the task was to create trading bot which has never been delivered. He barely started it and the bot never worked. He actually scammed me pretty badly and now after asking for information/update about the project after a long time, he literally blocked me on Linkedin.

A picture of the developer

We started to work together in March 2021. We last talked to each other in August 2022. It was the last time he answered me. But like for one year we did not really speak to each other as it was ghosting me already in November 2021.

I leave here attached the screenshot of our conversations

It was August 2022

I found funny how he was doing calls to justify his works. I believed him, but the reality was that his bot/software never really worked.

Fiverr is a pretty great, but you should really make sure you get what you pay for before approving any project, even if the seller insisted like it happened in this case. I chose to believe this guy and I was wrong.

He has blocked on Linkedin ever since, and he also removed himself from Fiverr where he deleted his profile which has many reviews as well.
I believe he paid for those anyway.



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