13 thermal pools open to the public in Abano and Montegrotto Terme (Updated 2023)

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Abano Terme

After a long week of work, there is nothing more relaxing than spending an entire day at a cozy thermal spa, even better if in the company of friends or your partner. The thermal pools of Abano Terme are famous throughout the region and attract thousands of tourists every month who are interested in the beneficial properties of the thermal waters.

The waters of the Euganean Basin originate from the rainfall in the area of the Small Dolomites and the Italian Pre-Alps. They flow underground for about 80 kilometers at a depth of 3,000 meters, emerging in the Poggio di Montirone area in Abano. Underground, the thermal waters maintain a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius, reaching up to 87 degrees in some sections, and cooling down during the ascent towards the surface.

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Why the thermal waters of Abano Terme are special

During their journey, the thermal waters become enriched with beneficial mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, and silicon.

These elements have a relaxing and protective effect on our body

The water in the thermal pools of Abano Terme positively affects the immune system, developing an antiseptic action through the production of circulating immunoglobulins and stimulating mucous membrane secretion.

Thermal water also helps reduce swelling and edema, promotes endocrine activity in the thyroid, and contributes to the stimulation of the female genital system.

In general, they are used to treat various conditions, such as circulatory problems, rheumatism, skin diseases, and to assist the musculoskeletal system. It is no coincidence that Abano is the most important and developed thermal resort in Italy, as well as one of the first in Europe. The quality of the water is constantly monitored by the municipal health authorities to ensure its safety for therapeutic use.

My list of public open-air pools: The Venetian town, located southwest of Padua, is rich in thermal establishments and open-air pools accessible to the public.

Most of the facilities are located in the town center and near the Euganean Hills. The thermal pools of Abano Terme open to the public are easily accessible even without booking a room, although this option is available as an additional bonus to the base packages or day spas.

However, some hotels provide a temporary room for guests. The rooms offer a convenient resting point during the day but are not essential for staying in one of the thermal establishments. Often, it is better to opt for a comfortable nearby apartment.

There are many offers dedicated to tourists, ranging from discounts on weekdays to reduced rates for children. Keep in mind that prices can vary greatly depending on the season.

Here is the list of hotels with public open-air thermal pools in Abano and Montegrotto Terme:

1. Hotel Terme Preistoriche

A beautiful and large thermal complex located in the center of Montegrotto Terme, near Abano Terme. The thermal pools, arranged in a suggestive environment recreated in a prehistoric style, are the heart of the hotel and offer a unique wellness experience. Among the various options, you can choose between a pool with hydromassage, a cave-shaped tub, or a pool with a waterfall and water jets.

Hotel Terme Preistoriche also offers a wide range of spa treatments such as massages and beauty treatments, as well as saunas and wellness paths. In short, it’s a true paradise of relaxation for those who want to take a break from daily stress and rejuvenate. You can book pool access, spa treatments, aperitifs, and poolside dinners directly from the website. The hotel is located here.

2. Hotel Quisisana

Located in the heart of Abano Terme, this beautiful 4-star hotel offers 2 pools, one indoor and the other outdoor, and a state-of-the-art spa center. The hotel is located here.

3. Abano Terme Municipal Pools

The facility includes a sports hall and two indoor pools, one of which has thermal water. There is a wide selection, very affordable prices, and good quality. You can purchase daily or evening tickets here. During holidays, prices may slightly increase. Additionally, there is the option to rent one or more sunbeds or umbrellas. Numerous courses are also offered at the facility. The pools are located here.

Municipal swimming pool in Abano Terme
Abano Terme Municipal Swimming Pool

4. Hotel Petrarca

Located in the heart of Montegrotto Terme, these public open-air thermal pools can be accessed with an interesting daily package. During the peak season, it is advisable to visit the hotel early in the morning to ensure availability. The hotel features 8 thermal pools, including an Olympic-sized pool and a children’s pool ideal for families. The hotel is located here.

5. Hotel Presidente

This luxury establishment in the center of Abano Terme offers access to the thermal pool during weekdays. Reservations can only be made by calling the hotel, which is located here.

6. Hotel Bella Vista Terme

Daily entrance to the thermal facility can only be booked over the phone. The price includes access to the Turkish bath, sauna, and three pools in the facility. Headphones, bathrobes, and towels are also included in the rate. The hotel is located here.

7. Columbus Thermal Pool

Public pools open to the public with morning, afternoon, evening, and full-day entries. It offers an excellent facility with a great value for money. You can also purchase packages for multiple entries valid for up to 6 months from the first visit. The pools are located here.

8. Leonardo Terme Hotel

Worth mentioning are the thermal pools of Leonardo Terme Hotel in the nearby Monteortone. Immersed in the greenery of the hotel’s golf area, it features emotional showers and a dedicated spa area. The hotel is located here.

9. Hotel Plaza

Unique in its kind, the thermal pools of this hotel offer an immersive experience with relaxing lights, colors, and sounds in its sensory pool. Packages for both daily and evening access are available. The hotel is located here.

10. Savoia Terme

With an excellent fitness room, free cancellations, and pools open until 11:00 PM, the Savoia Terme hotel deserves a mention. The poolside bar is also a nice feature, open until late. The hotel is located here.

11. Hotel Mioni Pezzato

A beautiful and spacious thermal center composed of 6 pools, 16 tubs with different temperatures, over 110 hydro-massage stations, an exclusive thermal path, sauna and Turkish bath, and 3 different relaxation areas. The hotel is located here.

12. Hotel Smeraldo

Although the website doesn’t provide much information, the hotel is very nice, as are its affordably priced pools. The complex features two thermal pools and a bar. The hotel is located here.

13. Acqua Hotel

A new beautiful hotel in the center of Abano Terme with an excellent informal yet high-quality restaurant. In addition to the hotel’s spa center, the number of pools is not specified on the website, but they are open until midnight. The hotel is located here.

14. Hotel Belsoggiorno

The hotel offers 3 thermal pools; one pool is connected to another outdoor pool, but there’s much more: a thermal cave, a Finnish sauna, a Kneipp shower, and aquagym classes during the week. The hotel is located here.

Abano Terme can be reached via the highway by taking the Padova Ovest exit if coming from the north or the Terme Euganee exit if coming from the south. The thermal town is connected to the Padua train station, and direct buses to the town are also available.

Abano Terme is easily accessible from Venice Airport, which is 45 kilometers away from the town, using a taxi or bus service.



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